The Society of Independent Cinematographers (S.I.C.) is an international fellowship of independent cinematographers and filmmakers.

The purpose of the SIC is to

promote the art and craft of cinematography and to bring together a fellowship of independent filmmaking professionals, from aspiring students and camera assistants to senior directors of photography


The SIC focusses on


film professionals who are either self-employed and/or who are not affiliated or employed by e.g. a production company and do their work with complete independence.

The SIC was founded as an alternative to other established societies of cinematographers motivated by the following facts:

Not all countries or regions provide a society of cinematographers. Most societies charge high annual subscription fees and joining fees beyond the budget of many independent cinematographer, usually hundreds of dollars annually and sometimes even nearing or exceeding a thousand dollars. Most societies have very strict membership criteria that often can't be satisfied by independent cinematographers.

Society of Cinematographers



of the SIC are as follows. Build a collaborative

environment for cinematographers

to share ideas and techniques, to improve their craft, and to promote their work and

the art of filmmaking

in general. Promoting and showcasing our members and their work through our website, social media channels, online publications and special events. Providing a members-only internet community website to serve and uphold these objectives.

The American Society of Cinematographers

The ASC believes cinematographers and their fellow filmmakers should reflect the diverse population of the world at large, irrespective of gender, race, religion, economic status or orientation, and is committed to encouraging and providing advancement for the underrepresented.

Who can join the society of independent cinematographers?

In short, every independent professional who you can meet on a filmset can join. For example (but not exclusively):

Director of photography

Camera operator

Camera assistant




How to become a member of the ASC. Society of American Cinematographers

Visual effects technician



lighting technician

Focus puller

Visual effects technician



Production designer



How to become a member of the BSC. British Society of Cinematographers

The British Society of Cinematographers

Netflix originals

The SIC has established a closed Social Network site for it's members at The SIC Social Network is the SIC's main communication channel and membership is mandatory. Members are encouraged to visit the website regularly. The SIC will publish news and updates in the "News space". The SIC Social Network features topic-bound "spaces" that can be compared to Facebook Groups, and a "followers" system. Members receive a profile page and can post messages, images, videos, comments and likes. Members can exchange direct messages and control their privacy/visibility settings. 

We regard the SIC Social Network as "the LinkedIn for cinematographers".  

Other spaces on the SIC Social Network include:

the disappearance of madeleine mccann

Cinematographer: Martin Beek

. The formation of special interest groups, and dedicated fora and 'spaces' on our website "The SIC Social Network" for the purpose of taking the craft to a higher level and to help fellow members to achieve a higher level of professionalism. Organizing annual events such as gatherings and the SIC Online Film Festival Providing several affordable membership types matching individual competence and budget.

The Canadian Society of Cinematographers

Martin Beek, S.I.C. Cinematographer

Martin Beek

was elected a full member to our society.

Martin Beek, S.I.C. is a Dutch cinematograper who has been a cameraman for Amblin Entertainment / Steven Spielberg for several decades.

The Society of Independent Cinematographers Operating on a global scale, accommodating members from all around the world. Allowing qualifying "full members" to carry the post-nominal title "SIC" after his or her name.

"The Society of Independent Cinematographers (SIC) - is an international fellowship of professional cinematographers."

This is a members-only community website. For more information about the SIC and the SIC membership, please read our charter "About the SIC".

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