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You have landed at our blog site. This site is mainly serving as a public outlet for the S.I.C. news messages on our closed members website. This site mainly exists to satisfy Google and our Google SEO. Please visit our main website at Registration is free, also for non-members!

Join our community website!

Our society website is no longer “members only”. In the first quarter of 2019 we opened up our community website to all professionals in film. Filmmakers, camerapeople, animators, gaffers, digital artists, editors, sound engineers, special makeup artists, … – all people you can meet on a filmset are heartily invited to our website and to […]

New Spaces

From time to time we like to highlight newly created Spaces on our website. You can always find all spaces, old an new, in the Spaces section on the Directory page.There are four spaces which deserve the extra attention (and explanation). @The cutting room floor is a space that is used by our webmaster. All posts and […]

How to configure your e-mail summaries

You have full control over the content and interval of the e-mail summaries sent to you by our system. You can access the settings directly here: and under Account Settings -> E-mail Summaries. Standard we have configured the summary to include all activities of all spaces and people you follow, at a weekly interval. For example, […]

Mobile web app available!

We’ve launched the first version of our mobile App for Chrome (Android) and Safari (Apple)! This is a web app that is not available from the Playstore or Appstore, but can be easily installed directly and automatically from this website. Instructions: Start your mobile browser (Chrome or Safari Go to and log in Open the menu […]

Reminder: free IdeaPosit account for all members

One of the perks of being an official S.I.C. member is enjoying the special offers from our partners and sponsors. Last month we made a deal for our members with copyrights registration office IdeaPosit. They have generously offered their Starter subscription for free, lifetime, for all S.I.C. members. Here is the original article: (members only) and […]

Results of our social media campaigns

In February we started two fruitful advertising campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram in an attempt to reach more film (-crew) independents. We have welcomed new full members, and around forty new website users – and counting. The campaigns will run through march. We hope to publish some statistics and accountability of funds spent later […]